2River charges a submission fee only when we have maxed out our number of free monthly submissions. This happens occasionally toward the end of a reading period when many of you are wanting to submit by the deadline.

2River does not solicit funds, apply for grants, etc. Consequently, we are unable to pay authors for poems accepted.

Please include all poems in a single file, and submit no more than once during any reading period.

If accepted, 2River will claim First Electronic Rights and First North American Rights, meaning that publication here at 2River must be the first publication to feature the work online and/or in print.

Ends on $2.00

2River is now accepting submissions for the 27.1 (Fall 2022)  issue of The 2River View.


  • Submit no more than three poems.
  • Include all three poems in one document.
  • Include a bio of 50 words or less.
  • If accepted, be prepared to submit a recording of you reading your poems.


For 26 years, 2River has not charged a reading fee. Due to the substantial costs of maintaining the journal, 2River will now charge a minimal reading to $2.